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Art in the Park in Petrolia

I don't attend a lot of outdoor artisan markets, but when I do, I enjoy them immensely. Getting in touch with other local artists, face to face conversations with old and new clients and being outdoors give them a special, intimate and unique flair.

Art in the Park in Petrolia was a wonderful and well organized event. The organization committee did an amazing job: they offered their help with building up/taking down your tents, unloaded your cars, provided refreshments/a swag bag and made sure the artisans and visitors felt welcome.

Ten minutes before the event started

I was a Friday only vendor and had a lot of luck with the weather. It was sunny, a light breeze reached my tent and a large beautiful tree provided extra shade during the day.

A lot of people stopped at my tent, gathered in front of my paintings and asked about my work.

It's not a photograph, it's a painting

...was my favourite line ( once again!).

Thanks to a constant flow of visitors ( including friends, fellow artists & my family) the day flew by. I even met some German exchange students, talked to a very talented mural artist and I'm still impressed how many people took German in high school and greeted me in German. "Danke" ( thank you very much)

My support team

Susan Clifford Handwoven Textiles

Live music was excellent

The last hour was almost magical: the Country Fiddlers played on the stage, golden sunlight reached Victoria Park and I finally had some time to reflect after a busy yet wonderful day.

My friend - the old tree

Special humble thanks to all the people who "adopted" my art.

I truly appreciate all of your support and I can't wait for my next in person event.

Thank you for your time.



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