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It’s good to be back

… at 100 Kellogg in London. But this year I’m involved in a very different way: I was asked to be a guest judge at this year’s ART COMP. Together with 5 other judges I will change people’s lives in 2024. What an honour!

Being 2023’s ART COMP winner was a milestone in my career and those memories will always be treasured.

Entering the foyer always excites me and brings back all the feels.

I remember how nervous I was when we arrived for the opening night last year. How I loosened up and enjoyed the whole experience because of my supporting family members, friends and all the interesting conversations with fellow artists & art-loving visitors who approached me.

I hope this year’s artists enjoyed themselves as well!

It was wonderful to see that the ART COMP organizers stepped up their game ( if that is even possible) and made this whole experience even more special for artists and visitors.

A few examples of the Top 100

As a judge I’m taking my responsibilities very seriously. I took my time to talk to several artists, looked at their work and let them introduce me to their visions and ideas.

The 100 “masterpieces” are very unique & diverse: the judges won’t have an easy job over the next few months.

I will definitely return to 100 Kellogg and take a second, third (…) look.

But you can also help to make someone else’s dream come true:

At you can vote for your favourite.

And of course make sure to visit the ART COMP exhibition over the summer months. London’s entertainment complex offers so much excitement for the whole family.

Let’s talk about the ART BATTLE:

With over 2,000 events in 20 countries since 2001, Art Battle is the premier global competition for live artists. Each event features 12 incredible artists who will go head-to-head in three rounds of live painting, with the winners determined by the audience’s vote.

20 minutes to transform a blank canvas into a piece of art? I personally admire artists who can perform under pressure and in front of an audience. Definitely not my cup of tea.

The event location was on the third floor of 100 Kellogg: the audience was able to walk around the stage to take a look at the artists’ progress while a DJ did his magic behind his turntables.

A very vivid and energetic event.

As a guest judge my husband and I were invited to the VIP area of the event. The catering, decor and bar were top notch. 100 Kellogg knows how to throw a party.

My final advice to all the chosen artists this year:

Be proud, have fun & enjoy all the attention your work gets over the next months. It’s an exciting opportunity to show the world your talent.



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