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Soft pastels are pure pigments, water, and a small amount of artificial binder that holds the pigment together. The pigment is what produces the pastel colors. High-quality soft pastels will be made with pure pigments, delivering smooth consistency and vibrant colors. The velvety texture is similar to an oil painting.

The manufacture of pastels originated in the 15th century.

​I prefer a mix of different pastel brands: they vary in size, smoothness and vibrancy. Harder pastel sticks are great for smaller details, smoother almost buttery pastels are great for highlights and final touches.

I draw, paint, layer directly onto sanded pastel paper and blend everything with my fingers. The sanded paper and sprayable fixative make sure that the loose pigments stick on the surface.

My very first pastel set was gifted to me by my godmother Bea. She is an artist herself and I always treasure her expertise.

I attend workshops, get help from a private online art tutor and love to explore the potential of this beautiful, messy and luxurious art medium.

Thank you for being part of my art journey.

Wilma from Travel'Art

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