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The work behind Travel’Art

I'm in the wonderful position to choose my "creative days". I usually paint when my son is at school or when we have a quiet weekend.

Art can't be forced or rushed.

I start with choosing a reference photo:

I have a huge folder with random images I collected over the years. All of them are license free or I asked for permission to use them.

Generally I prefer to use my own photos. Capturing a mood is definitely easier when you have been to that place.

Then it's time to choose the materials:

picking the right size & grid of pastel paper, selecting a medium ( like watercolours/hard pastels) to prep the surface and choosing a palette of pastels can be very time consuming.

After tinting/prepping the paper ( it usually dries overnight) I start with sketching general shapes, adding layers, creating depth and finalize everything with details and highlights.

The whole painting process takes 2-4 days.

Of course I don't work 24hrs, family life is my top priority. Small breaks are necessary to refresh the eyes, the mind & relax the muscles.

Family comes first.

Cleaning my workspace ( and hands) takes a couple of hours. Pastels are messy. The dust can settle everywhere.

I invested in an air purifier to make my work safer.

The (almost) finished painting stays on my desk for another day before I add my signature.

During that time I usually share the painting on social media and constantly correct/improve little details.

To protect the fragile surface I prefer to frame it right away. End of 2022 I finally started with custom framing.

Frames can be crucial to the experience we have of art. They not only enhance the way that the piece looks but can also play a key role in protecting it too.

Lisa, who works at the custom framing department at Michaels (Sarnia), helps me to find the best possible framing solutions.

We always take our time to find the right mat and frame.

It takes around 2 weeks until I can pick up my framed "masterpieces".

Usually the artwork will be added to my online gallery store right away or will be set aside for events/exhibitions.

I hope you enjoyed this little "behind-the-scenes" excursion?!



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